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     Have you ever gotten sucked into a video game? I have. And no, not the typical way, like you never want to stop playing it and all you think about is the game. I mean really sucked into a video game. Probably not. I really don't know how it happened to me, but it did. And its not the video game you'd want to be in. Its not 'Super Mario Bros' or 'Kirby', its a pretty dark game. A lot darker than anyone would think the company would let it go. I guess that's why I like it. Its different. And, apparently the place was real!  How, I really don't know. I just wish I could still think of it as just a game, nothing else. But I can't. And after you hear my story, you won't either. My name is Grace, and I was pulled into Wasteland.

* * * * * * * * * * *

    I guess the reason  I was pulled into it was because of the typical being sucked into the game. I was always playing it, always thinking about it.  One day I was sick and looked at pictures about it for six hours strait. I've never done that with a game. Ever. I don't really even like video games, it was just something about this one. I wish I hadn't liked it, my mom and friends never showed me it. And humans aren't even supposed to be able to get in Wasteland. But somehow I did. That left everyone confused. Mostly me because it was my video game! You can't go into video games! Its not logical, not possible! Of course, in the world of cartoons, anythings possible.

     It all started on the final boss, the Blot. I was doing good but then, everything in the game froze except the Blot. It started looking at me through the T.V! I turned off my Wii, but it was still there. Just…looking at me. Then it smiled, and the game went blank. Thats it. I starred at the T.V for a while, trying to grasp what had just happened, but I didn't believe it. There was no way the Blot was just looking at me, almost like it was examining me.
     Your just too into the game. Thats it. Just over excited about  beating it. Nothing happened, and nothings going to happen I told myself. Wait, what time was it? I turned to a clock. 11:47! I had school tomorrow! I ran upstairs to my bedroom and jumped in bed. I couldn't shake the thought that maybe I wasn't over excited about the game, that it might of been real. It kept me up for hours, then I rolled over and saw it. The mirror in my room. Right in front of me. Isn't that how Mickey got pulled into Wasteland? A mirror? By the Blot? Great, one  ore thing to keep me up tonight. But it didn't keep me up, as I fell right asleep. I had strange dreams that night, like little snips off me in Wasteland. Of course, I didn't think much of it, just that I liked the game.
     Clink. What was that? The sound of wind by my head woke me up. Wind? I guess the window isn't shut. I get up and push the window down as hard as I can. That's strange, its already closed. There it is again, that wind. I spin around. Nope nothing. I begin to climb into my bed when I notice a shadow in the corner. I walk over to the corner and its, nothing. Nothing's there. But the shadow isn't there any longer. Strange. Oh well I think as I climb into bed. A few minutes later I hear a moaning noise. Now I'm freaked out. I quickly reach for my sketchbook and pencil and begin to draw. Drawing always calm's me down, its like writing a diary to me. I begin to do a simple sketch of me in my bed, curled up and theres something behind me. Just a shadow figure. Ink begins to drip onto my paper, forming the shadow figure more. Ink! Just ignore it, I tell myself, but I can't ignore it, the picture the ink is forming is familiar. Drip by drip the picture forms until…until. Oh no. Until its a picture of the Blot. With hands reaching for me. I take a deep breath and tears begin coming down my face. Please let this be a dream! Please! I begin to beg in my head. I'm not turning around. That would only give it satisfaction of seeing my terrified face. I can see the shadow above me, as I sit quietly, just hoping this is a dream. I can feel the ink slowly dripping on me and I begin to cry. The cold inky hands reach around my body. But, its not trying to kill me, more like just take me. With one sickening laugh, it fly's back into the mirror trailing me with it. I quietly sit there as I plunge deeper into the mirror, farther from everything I know, with only my sketchbook and pencil in hand. Wait! I still have my book and pencil? I'm pretty hopeful right now. Able to pull my arms out from underneath its hands I start sketching out something hopefully. A bottle of thinner. Please work! I beg and put my hand on the paper, wrapping it around the drawn bottle. I yank hard and hear a glass clink. A glass clink! I look over at my hand to see me holding a bottle of thinner. It worked! I turn towards the Blots hands around me and pour the thinner. It cries out in pain and its hands slowly devolve from around my body. Great. Now I'm falling. Didn't think that through. If the thinner worked, maybe something else will too. As fast as I can I sketch out a hang-glider and yank it out of the sketchbook. It comes out of the page in perfect size for me. I grab it with both hand and hold on for my life. Its working! Except I don't know how to steer it! Oh no, theres a building in front of me. I close my eyes and begin to scream when the glider just seems to pull me out of the way. It puts me down in the middle of the street where I collapse to my knees. I can see a crowd gathering around me. "Wha- Oh boy. We gatta get Mickey down here, and fast." Someone says. I slowly black out.
     When I begin to come around I can still hear mutters around me, mostly between three or four people. "How do you explain THAT!?" One asks.
    "I… I don't know, but I din't do it. I didn't think humans could get in here." Another answers
    "Oswald, its  not Mickeys fault. He's right, humans can't get in here. I honestly don't know why she's here." A female voice says.
    "Well, there is one way." A deep voice says.
    "No. She's not the drawer. NO!" The fist voice says. "Mickeys the drawer."
    "Well, I don't know. Mickey is talented with the brush, but she'd only been here for a few minutes when she realized how to use her book. Just look at the hang-glider." The deep voice says.
    "I don't want humans here. Even if she is the drawer, she's going to be gone. Mickeys good enough, and enough work as it is. I don't want him and a human." The fist voice says
    "Oswald, she may be human but she could help us." The lady says
    "How? Mickey already defeated the Blot. Wasteland is fine." Oh boy, I really am dreaming. Oswald? Mickey? Not possible.
    I start to see better, and what I see shocks me. Four characters from my game. Before I stop myself I start standing up and talking. "I'm sorry, I don't know what I'm doing here either, but I don't think the Blot is gone. That's how I got here. What is 'here' anyways?" I'm in trouble now.
    The tons stare at me in bewilderment before one speaks, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. "Listen here, human. Mickey beat the Blot. I was there. I don't know what all you heard but your not the drawer! And 'here' is Wasteland." He sound annoyed.
    "Hey, all I'm saying is that the Blot dragged me here. I didn't do anything to get here. Look." I pull out my sketchbook and show  them the picture of me in my bed. "Notice the difference on me in the bed, and the extremely detailed Blot. I drew me, and just like some wavy lines behind me to show there was something behind me. But then ink dripped and made the Blot, exactly. Look at the difference between the pencil and the Blot." I point at the ink.
     Mickey looks at the picture and stops to think. "Thats deffinently Blot ink. But I could've sworn that I beat it. It was gone." He says in confusion.
     Gus looks at Mickey "The only way it could've come back is if someone made something, and people started remembering it." He tells him. Epic Mickey I think. Thousands of people know about the Blot, so its remembered. I wonder if Mickey knows about the game.
     I got my answer. Mickey starts to blush and look at the ground "Well, ah-"
     Oswald looks at his little brother, a bit irritated. "Well ah- what?" He says.
     Mickey gives a shy laugh "Well, when I got back in the real world, I ah, told the company about it, and how they had to do something. They decided to make the entire thing a video game, and that includes the Blot."
    Oswald's temper was fried "WHAT! WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US? NOW THE BLOT CAN COME BACK!" He screams at the mouse.
    Mickey looks up at his older brother. "I wanted you guys to get your hearts back. I wanted to surprise you. I didn't know it would bring the Blot back. I'm really sorry."
    Orentisia walks up to Mickey and gives Oswald a 'the kid was only trying to help and you just crushed him' look "Its okay Mickey. I would've done the same thing if I were you. I'm sure Oswald would've too."  She glares at Oswald "Oswald's just mad because he just fixed Wasteland up from the Blot, and know its back. He didn't mean to yell at you." She tells Mickey soothingly.
    Oswald looks at Mickey "Yeah, Orentisia's right. If we were swapped I would've done the same thing. Its just, it was finally gone and now, its back again…" Oswald says to Mickey.
    Mickey puts his head down "Yeah, and its back because of me. Again! I always try to help but just make it worse. It knows how to defeat me now. Its not going to leave so easily this time. I just feel so terrible because I brought it here in the first place, and know I brought it back." Mickey says with tears in his eyes. Slowly, you can see ink drips falling off him.
    Gus examines Mickey's ink drips and shakes his head. "Mickey, your dripping again. The Blot has defiantly come back."
    Mickey looks up. "Thats it. Then I have to leave, go to another part of Wasteland. Alone. The Blot can track me, and I don't want it hurting anyone else."
    Oswald looks at his little brother with concern "But Mickey, you can't fight it alone. Its probably bigger, and its learned how to beat you. I'll go with you."
    I can't let either of them go. "No. I'm going. If it was able to find me in the real world it can find me here. I'm the one it brought here. Mickey if it had wanted you, it would've brought you instead. I don't know why, but its after me. And it doesn't know me, so I have a better chance of defeating it. It doesn't know about my sketchbook. I made let go of me, I can beat it." I say.
   Mickey is about to answer back when Oswald beats him to it. "No. Your human, we can't risk it. You have more of a life in the real world than any toon. And if you really are the drawer, we can't have you dying on us. You have to stay here until we figure out why the Blot wants you here. Stay in big crowds, never alone, alway have one of us by you at all times. We can't have the Blot find you."
     Orentisia rolls her eyes an looks at me "Oh, we forgot to introduce ourselves. The gremlin is Gus, you already know Mickey I'm guessing, the rabbit is Oswald, Mickey's half-brother, and I'm Orentisia. And you are?"
     "My name is Grace. I already knew who all of you are, I've been playing the video game Mickey talked about."
     "Oh." Orentisia seems embarrassed. "Well, nice to meet you Grace. Well, its getting late so we better get going and discuss it at the house. I hope you don't mind children Grace…"

* * * * * * * * * *

     We went to Oswald and Orentisia's house to stay the night. It was a good location, since Mickey's house was right next door. Mickey and Gus slept in Mickey's house, and I stayed in Oswald's house so Oswald could 'keep an eye on me'. Orenstisia said it was silly, but I should just go with it.  
     I couldn't sleep all night. My racing thoughts kept me awake. Was this real? Was it a dream? If it was real, why was I here? What did the Blot want with me? What did they mean by 'the drawer'? Was I the drawer? Were was the Blot? Could it find me somehow? How did it find me in the real world? Okay thats it, I'm just going to draw. I pull out my sketchbook and begin to draw. Just letting my imagination free on paper. I look at the end result. Its a picture of one of my characters, lost, and their friend helping them. I feel a lot like this right now, except no one is helping me. I let out a big sigh and feel tears down my face. The tons said that I had a life back home, but I didn't. My parents abandoned me when I was three, and  had no friends. I was in between foster houses right now, and my birthday was coming up. I was going to be 16. I had been saving up for a car. And now I didn't even know if I'd live that long…
    "Whats that a picture of?" One of Orentisia's kids had crawled into my bed. It looks at my sketchbook and smiles "Your good at drawing. I like those characters." It said.
    "Thanks." I smile and put my sketchbook down.
    "I'm Junior 67. Are you Grace? My mommy's been talking about you. So has Daddy. Daddy says your no good and trouble, but Mommy says your nice and I should talk to you because your just scared being here." He said.  "I did what Mommy said because Daddy said that Uncle Mickey was bad and stole his fame but Mickey's nice and wouldn't steal on purpose." He hops closer to me.
    I smile at the bunny child as he scoots closer. "You seem like a nice kid." I tell him.
    "Mommy was right! Your nice! Could, could I sleep here tonight? I, I had a nightmare, and saw your light on. I don't want to wake anyone else up." He asked me, curling up in the bed.
    "Yeah, sure. Go ahead little guy." I say and pat the bed.
    "Thanks." He climbs next to and curls up in my side. "Are you going to bed?"
    "Nah, I'm just going to stay up and draw some. I can't sleep either. You go to bed though. If you need me I'll be right here." I tell him.
    "Okay. Night." He yawns and falls asleep. I stroke him as he falls into a deep sleep. I smile at him. He's a sweet kid. I pull out my sketchbook and begin to draw. After a few hours I've got a good picture of Junior. I smile between the drawing and Junior. I pat him and lay down. "Night kid." I say a d drift off into my own dreams.

    Someone pats my face "Grace. Grace. Grace wake up! Its morning time! Daddy says you need to get up!" Junior says patting my face.
    "Alright I'm getting up."  I laugh and push him off my face. "Hey, I drew you something last night." I say pulling out my sketchpad. Junior looks at it with wonder as I flip through the pages. I stop at the drawing of him.
    He gasp's at the picture "Its so pretty! Can I have it?" he asks. I nod a tear the picture out of the book.
    "Here you go." I say handing the picture to him.
    "Thank you!" He says happily grabbing the picture and bounding down the hall. "Mommy! Mommy! Look what Grace drew me!"
    I stretch and get out of bed with a big yawn. I guess I did fall asleep after all. I walked into the bathroom to brush my hair. Yawning and stretching I walk out into the living room to see Orentisia and Oswald waiting for me.
    "Good morning Grace. Would you like anything to eat?" Orentisia asked me.
     "No thank you. But can I help you with anything?" I ask her. I feel bad. Cooking for 420 kids, yourself and your husband, then have a strange person come in. Thats stressful.
     "Oh, thank you ah, but I think everything is done. You could help me pour the juice if you like." She said. I nod and grab a pitcher.  When my hand touches the pitcher all the bunny children swarmed around me. "We want juice!" "No us first!" "Hey! I get it first!" Different shouts came from different areas of the swarm. How does Orentisia deal with all this! I think to myself.
     "Alright! You'll all get juice, but only if you form a single file line, no arguing about whatever place your in! If you argue, you won't get juice!" I yell out. I'd dealt with kindergartners, how could they be much different?
     Oswald looked over at me from the kitchen. Good luck he mouths at me with a sarcastic look. I just give him a great big smile back.  "Alright. On the count of three get in your line! One. Two. Three!" I yell out at the kids. One by one they all scurry into spots in line, no noise except little feet hopping. Wow, it worked! "Good job! Now hold out your cups and I'll come by and fill them up!" All the children hold their cups and one by one I fill them up. "Thank you Grace." They all say in unison. Orentisia is shocked, but slowly a little smile creeps up her face.
     "Ah, thank you Grace. I'll have to remember that." She says giving me a little wink. Oswald just stands there with a blank expression on his face. I can't tell if he's mad, impressed, confused or happy. Orentisia nudges him with her shoulder and finally a sound comes out of his mouth.
    "Uh…" is all he says.
    Orentisia looks embarrassed "You'll have to excuse him, he didn't think they'd listen to you. They normally don't to strangers. Well, Mickey and Gus should be over in a bit, then we'll decide on what to do about the ah, well you know." The cat says. I did know. The Blot.
     After a few minutes, there was a knock on the door. "Oh and here they are" Orentisia ran to the door. When Mickey walked in, he was dripping more ink than before. Buckets and buckets fell of him and evaporated into the air. At the sight of his brother dripping so much, a look of concern came over Oswald's face.
    "Well, why don't we go upstairs to Orentisia and I's room. The kids won't bother us there." We all begin to tread up the stairs. I'm at the top of the stairs when I feel a tug on my pants. Its Junior 67.
    "Why is uncle Mickey dripping? He only drips when the Blot is here, but the Blot is gone." He asked with a concerned look. "You can tell me the truth. I can handle it…" He says with the face of innocents. I need to tell him, I can't just say nothing. But if I do tell him, he might get paranoid and the Blot might find him. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to him.
     I look away.  "We'll talk after the meeting. In privet. I'll tell you some stuff then. Just, you can't tell anyone. 'Kay?" He nods with big eyes "Good. Now go play. I don't want you worrying." He nods again and bounds down the stairs.  
     When I'm sure he's gone I set into the room and close the door. Everyone is sitting down, well except for Gus who's just floating there, with a serious look on their face. Oswald begins "Now, we think the Blot is back, but I don't know if we can trust this human," Oentisia smacks his arm. "Ow! Okay, were pretty sure the Blot is back, especially since Mickeys dripping again. Now I don't know how its back, but it is. And its smarter this time. Knows us better. Most importantly knows how to lure Mickey into its traps. But what it doesn't know is the human. How to beat her. How to lure her into its traps. Now we can use this to our advantage. But someone always needs to be with her, since she is human and can't survive multiple hits or her heart being taken. We can, and we will sacrifice our hearts if it comes down to it." They can try, but I'd never let them giver their heart for my no life. "I think the Blots hiding out on Mickeyjunk mountain like last time, because it wants us to find it. We'll start scaling it tomorrow. All agreed?" Everyone mutters an agreement. "Alright its settled. We'll start in the morning. You can go now."
      I can't stop thinking about what Oswald said. That they'd give up there heart for my life. And I don't even really have a life. Why would they do that? I hope this is a dream.
      "Grace? Are you okay?" Junior tugs on my pants.
      "Yeah, I'm fin, its just, something your dad said." I tell him.
      "Did he make you sad? Say something mean? He does that when he's mad." He says jumping around.
      "No, its nothing. I couldn't explain it if I tried." I tell him, patting his head.
      "Oh. Okay. Can you tell me what they said in the meeting?" He ask's
      "Sure. Come on." He hops into the room I was sleeping in and jumps on the bed.
      I shut the door behind me and sit on the bed beside him. "What happened? Why is Uncle Mickey dripping again? Why are you here? Oh, wait. I didn't mean it like that, its just humans don't get here." I will admit, I was little hurt when he said you. Oh well, I just shrugged it off.
     "One question ay a time kiddo." I laugh at him. "What do you want to know first?"
     "Well, I figured they kinda went hand in hand. Theres only one thing that can do both of them…" he trails off
     "Okay, you guesses right. The Blot's back. Now we don't know why, or how, but were doing everything we can to stop it." I promise him.
     "I heard Daddy say you might be the drawer. Are you?"
     "I don't know. I don't even know what the drawer is."
     "We'll leave that one as a maybe. You will tell me though, if you find out, though won't you?" He sounds confused.
     "Yeah, I promise." He's gotten me thinking about all that stupid drawer stuff now. "Anything else?"
     "No, I think I'm good. I'm just confused."
     "Well thats why I didn't want to tell you. Its to much for a kid to be worrying about." I stroke his cheek softly.
     "But, your a kid, and you're in the middle of it all." He hops closer to me.
     "I guess I am still a kid, but theres nothing I can do about being in the middle of it. I was kinda dragged in here against my will." I'd do anything to be back home, for this to all be a dream, but its not.
     He nods and jumped out of the room. I follow out of the room and down the stairs. He gives me a huge hug around my leg then hopped outside. I hope I didn't just make a huge mistake….

* * * * * * * * * *
I don't think its to bad :meow:

Its called Twisted Destiny's, for the ending :evillaugh:

So this is a little thingy from my Epic Mickey fan writting. IT DOESN'T HAVE A NAME :fear: HELP ME WITH THIS!

Yep. So Grace kinda relates to me. Well, she was supposed to. But then I made her all dramatic and stuff :icondivaplz: so now all we have in common is that her name, her personality, look, and the love for the game XD

Mickey, Oswald, Wasteland, Epic Mickey, Orentisia, Gus the gremiln, the blot, bunny children (c) Disney

Grace and Writing (c) me
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aw cool. i want to read part two!
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I LOVE this! I'm writing my own fiction like this, but I have NO idea whatsoever where I'm going with it. Here's the link if you want to check it out (smiles).
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When is the next chapter this is awesome
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Wow that is a lot and same with me
Ortensia12 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
AWESOME STORY! BTW I was wondering if I could borrow the idea but I would give it my personal touch you would get all the credit for the idea
thisisMYBuddyboy Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011   General Artist
I would prefer you didn't use the idea of my character being the drawer or being vital too wasteland's survival, but the part about being pulled into wasteland is fine. It took me several weeks to come up with Grace being the Drawer and how she save wasteland ect. so I would prefer you not to use that.
Ortensia12 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
well okay but my character is different but she ends up in wasteland because she is really a witch and the blot wants her powers to take over wasteland
thisisMYBuddyboy Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011   General Artist
Thats fine. Like I said, you can use your character being pulled into wasteland because I am not the first to do so, nor will I be the last. My story is completely different, the only similarity is they are both in wasteland :)
Ortensia12 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Well my character gets pulled by being lured in by the
Galaxea Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
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Thank you so much ^^ I worked hard on it and thanks for the fav and watch!
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No prob! This fanfic really is creative.
I'm working on an Epic Mickey fanfic ("Epic Hearts") myself as well.
Galaxea Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
As for a title, try something surreal and simple. Like just a single, powerful word. :)
Henpukumaru Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I... really like this. I really really like this. :D

Now, about that whole bit with Junior 67... I will never be able to get even slightly annoyed with the bunny children ever again. The cuteness was so evident I could taste it. I want a bunny child to come curl up in bed with me at night now... :iconkawaiidesuplz:

There were a couple little spelling errors and things here and there, but to be honest it didn't take away from the reading at all for me. I have some experience as an editor, so if you ever get the notion to wanna ask somebody to lend a hand with the small stuff, just let me know. :3

As for the title... hmm... "Pulled Into Wasteland" maybe? Did you want just one name to refer to the whole story by, or were you thinking of separating it into chapters? :O
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Thank you ^^ yeah, I was kinda rushing alot of it before homework ima bad girl I really don't like bunny children, but I wanted something to do with them so I decided to do something cute with them! I'll let you know if I need help with it. Thanks for the suggestion on the title :) I might use it. Theres really no chapters, I just decided that I'd written alot and it had a nice place to end.
Henpukumaru Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Homework. :( It ended well, you have a good eye for story flow. Will you be writing more, maybe?

thisisMYBuddyboy Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2011   General Artist
Yes I will! I'm trying to write in my free time so expect more.
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